German girl talking about corruption in nepali language

The country Nepal is a beautiful and small Himalayan nation known for its exotic natural resources and the hospitality shown by the Nepalese people. But the country is even known for being least developed country. It is because the country could not develop due to the corruption and bribery. The woman in the video is a foreigner but she knows the problem lagging the country behind. She said the term Corruption itself connotes the negative meaning. It is itself a grave topic. Being a foreigner, she speaks in Nepali language that apparently understands.

She says that she wants to talk about the topic, “Corruption.” She wrote about the topic in English. Corruption lags the country behind and thus the country cannot develop. The word corrupt literally means “utterly broken”. The word was first used by Aristotle and later by Cicero who added the terms bribe and abandonment of good habits. Corruption can be in various spaces. That can be practiced in Governmental and public sector and in many places. In addition she says that the state of corruption creates tension with government and that of public. There are multiple methods of corruption.

They are Bribery, Embezzlement, theft and fraud, Extortion and blackmail, Abuse of discretion and Favoritism, nepotism and clientelism. The degree of corruption can be prevented on the governmental grounds. The government has to make the stronger rules and make the policy that cannot be distorted. But the country lacks policy making and thus suffers a lot. This is why the country cannot develop. Despite the harsh reality, the country attempts its best to move forth. But the system has to be changed to change the country’s history. Thus a German born woman talks about the grand topic Corruption and its adverse effect in the developmental process of the country.

Watch video from HERE.

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